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Creating Hope Transforming Communities

We transform communities by providing access to education, improving healthcare, supporting economic development, protecting the environment, promoting peace, empowering women and girls, and by protecting children. By working to address the needs of people and communities, we are making a real difference in the world.

Good Health & Wellbeing

Sustainable Development

Our Vision

A healthy and socio-economically empowered society that lives their lives fully with hopes and equal opportunities.

Our Mission

To empower and promote active participation of the vulnerable and deprived members of the society towards self reliance and sustainable development through capacity strengthening, education and research.


Our Goal

To improve quality of life of the poor, marginalized and vulnerable with respect for human dignity for social and economic development.


Healthcare is the improvement of health through the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease. It includes the provision of preventive services, such as vaccinations and screening tests, as well as the treatment of illness and injury. Healthcare is essential for individual health and for the well-being of communities.


Livelihood is the means of securing one’s basic needs, such as food, shelter, and clothing. It includes the ability to generate income, access resources, and manage risk. Livelihood is essential for human well-being and for the sustainability of communities and ecosystems.


Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, morals, beliefs, and habits. It is a lifelong process that begins at home and continues through formal schooling, work, and other experiences. Education is essential for individual development, economic growth, and social progress.


The environment is the natural world, including the atmosphere, oceans, land, and all living things. It is essential for human survival and for the well-being of all living things. The environment is facing a number of challenges, such as climate change, pollution, and deforestation. These challenges need to be addressed in order to protect the environment and ensure a sustainable future.

Rural Development

Rural development is the process of improving the economic, social, and environmental conditions of rural areas. It includes improving access to education, healthcare, and other essential services, as well as promoting sustainable economic development. Rural development is important for reducing poverty and improving the quality of life in rural areas.

Gender Equality

Gender equality is the equal rights, opportunities, and treatment of women and men. It is essential for human rights, social justice, and economic development. Gender equality can be achieved through several measures, such as education, legislation, and social change.

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What We Do

Nalanda Education & Charitable Trust works on the ground across India. Our strategic location in Gujarat ensures easy accessibility to the areas we serve and those in immediate need of our services.


Education & Woman Empowerment




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Health, Water & Sanitation


Sustainable Development


Contribute to a campaign

Malnutrition is a serious problem that affects millions of children and pregnant women in India. It can lead to a number of health problems, including stunted growth, impaired cognitive development, and increased risk of death. There are many ways to contribute to a malnutrition campaign, including Donating money or food, Volunteering your time and Spreading awareness.

Every little bit helps. By contributing to a malnutrition campaign, you can help to make a difference in the lives of children and pregnant women around the world. Your donation can help to fund the organization’s work, such as providing healthcare, education, or disaster relief.

volunteer your time

We often need volunteers to help with a variety of tasks. It is a great way to give back to our community and make a difference in the lives of others.

Advocate for change

You can also contribute to our campaigns by advocating for change on a policy level. This could involve contacting your elected officials, writing letters to the editor and many more.

spread the word

You can help to raise awareness of our NGO campaign by sharing information about it on social media, with your friends and family, or in your community.

Shop with a purpose

We partner with SHGs to sell products that benefit our cause. When you buy these products, you are helping to support the organization’s work.